I am simply searching for internal & eternal truths.  The outside world, for the most part, can be distraction and seduction.  The real world exists inside, where no harm can be done.  Our physical self may age and change, but our soul, the diamond within, is ever youthful and luminous.  No one, not even the most powerful potentate on earth, can destroy that divine essence inside each of us that is unchangeable and eternal.

I share my experience, strength and hope and offer my take-away on the lessons of life.  These lessons are informed by the wisdom of the 12 Steps.  I believe that 12 Step programs, which are not tainted by dogma, can be the hope and salvation of the world.   Why do I think that?  Because the 12 Steps ask (without any ambiguity) that we work on ourselves! We don’t blame, point the finger, or walk in victim hood.  We each have the power to change ourselves. If everyone did this, we would have heaven on earth.

We are allowed to find our own way, in our own time, in 12 Steps and that search leads back to THE SELF,  and no one commands that we do it this way or that.  If they do, back away.  We all have the power and wisdom right inside of us.   Others may inspire us and help show the way, but it’s up to us to take the next step…or not!  Freedom to choose.

I also believe that humility, surrender to a *Higher Power*, and prayer (in any fashion) are key components toward ultimate inner freedom.  We admit that we are part of something bigger and grander, and that life is full of mystery, and control is simply an illusion.

From time to time, I swoon with grace… caused by nothing externally induced.  It just IS, INSIDE.  Because happiness and serenity are an Inside Job.